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Habit stack your self care routine using an Acupressure Mat

If you're looking for a simple way to boost your mood and supercharge your self-care routine, let's talk about turning your "me time" into a luxurious and super-efficient treat that you will look forward to.

Enter the acupressure mat, your new best friend in self-care.

Using an acupressure mat can help release those feel-good endorphins as it stimulates energy in the body and triggers a relaxation response. What's more, it's a multitasking wonder!

While lying on this mat for just 20 minutes, you can habit stack by applying that luscious face mask, immerse yourself in a guided or silent meditation, practice gratitude or affirmations, or get lost in a good book. The options are endless.

Here is an article from the evening standard about the best acupressure mats of 2023

I hope you will find my self-care tip useful. I love my mat and I use it a few times a week in exactly the way I have shared, this works for me because it makes me feel good and doesn’t take up hours of time.

Let me know if you give this a try.

Love & vitality,


The ‘I Can’ Coach - Mindset & Confidence Coach helping women to see their worth and value by overcoming limiting beliefs and stepping into the happiest, most confident version of themselves.


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