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'Vanessa is genuine in any interactions you have with her, whether it be through messaging or video.

 I reached out to her after seeing her stories on Instagram.


We completed three sessions that focused mainly around work and relationships. 

I gained so much clarity and confidence to work towards my goals of moving  from teaching assistant to teacher, and learning how to communicate and hold space for people in my relationships.


She not only helps you to work on believing in your potential but also to work through any blocks you may have that have been holding you back. 


I have nothing but positive feedback for Vanessa, and appreciate the positive energy she brings to each session.


This was my first time working with a coach, and I look forward to connecting with Vanessa again.


If you are wanting someone that will hold space for you whilst also gently guiding you to work through blocks and limiting beliefs to create realistic steps to working towards goals, I would highly recommend working with Vanessa.'

Britney, Devon (UK)

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'I really loved my coaching sessions with Vanessa.

She is open and speaks from her heart centre.

She created a safe space so I could be myself and I felt heard.


Vanessa listens intently and guided me gently to think outside of the box, offers suggestions on my business and held me accountable to take action.

I would highly recommend reaching out to Vanessa if you need some inspiration or direction in you life/ business.'

Leah, Huddersfield (UK)


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' I tried a couple of coaching sessions with Vanessa & quickly saw the difference it could make, so I then decided to go with a 6-week programme to really help me build on my goals.


My main focus was ensuring I didn't give up on my new small business, as I was starting to feel like giving up.

Through the sessions Vanessa helped me understand my mindset & with her coaching I realised what held me back at times in general life, which was knocking my confidence in my new venture.


Vanessa's approach is fantastic, she's quick to highlight the patterns of thinking without me evening knowing it & then straight away give specific advice to help me.


Every session felt like Vanessa genuinely cared about me and my goals, Vanessa's approach is so warm, encouraging and judgement free!'


Jennie, Torquay (UK) 

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'I recently had a few coaching sessions with Vanessa.

I found her open, honest and a really good listener. 

Vanessa has a lovely warmth about her & I felt so comfortable opening up to her.

I found the sessions really helpful, not just with my new business but also my personal issues.

She gently guides you to thinking in a new way...I found her sessions extremely helpful. It has helped me move through my self doubt and become much more clear about how to move forward.'

 Kirsty, Liverpool (UK)


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'I had the chance to work with Vanessa as my life coach and enjoy crystal healing sessions with her.

It has been amazing experience. Vanessa has guided me to understand myself better and obstacles I face day to day. Her approach is definitely different than other life coaches I have met.


Her holistic approach makes you to look at things in different perspective than you would expect. I still use some quotes from our sessions to help me get through on every day basis.


I definitely recommend her services' 


Gaby, Torquay (UK)

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'I recently had a session with Vanessa after returning from a long period overseas. 

I had spoken with Vanessa prior to the appointment, to explain I wanted an “overhaul” as such , as I felt very unbalance as I had experienced a lot of major changes within a very short time frame and felt out of sorts. 


I have a wonderful calming crystal and reiki session, where she focused on my nervous energy, some negative thoughts and even some physical pain within my body that was causing a lot of distress. 


As soon as I entered the room, I started to feel relaxed. I was able to switch off and focus on the healing I was receiving. I left the session feeling lighter, both emotionally and physically and ready to tackle the new chapter of my life. 


I will admit, years ago I felt very skeptical about such treatments and healing, but by gosh I was totally wrong!!!


I would most definitely recommend seeing her. It’s seriously amazing

Heidi, Exeter (UK)

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